Clearblue Trials


Just thought I'd let you all know...

Was on the CB website the other day looking at the CBFM and a message popped up to say would i like to join a trial. I submitted my details and got a call this week from a lovely lady who explained the following:

The trial puts you into one of two groups - those who are given two months supply of digital OV sticks free to use and those who aren't (they just ttc without help about oving). She couldn't guarantee which group I'd be placed in but explained that the second group would get 2 months supply of the digital opks at the end anyway. As my CBFM arrived in the post from Amazon the day before (they are on offer!) I declined her offer. Thought it sounded great though and thought someone here maybe interested!

Take care andd good luck ttc ladies xxx ;\)


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