• wow I could not imagine giving birth to a huge baby!

    K xx
  • My 5th was 11lb 4ozs!! God knows what the 6th will weigh if i ever get that far! lol. xx
  • Oh my god! I've only got 32 inch hips - 11lb would kill me!
  • LOL. All my babies have been big but ive been very lucky and had good pregnancys and quick easy labours, thats why im happy to go through it all again! xx
  • Holy [email protected]!! 10lb is enough to make my eyes water, but 20lb+?????!!! In the 1800's??! How did they do it?

    Seriously. How? :\?

    My heaviest was 6lb 2oz, (others were 5lb 13oz and 5lb 11oz) And that was plenty big enough for my bits to cope with!
  • My friend has just had a baby that was 11lb 12.5 oz! I could not believe it! She had a c section as apparently her cervix just would not open! I am not surprised!! She is tiny too so she would have actually split in half! Apparently she had a very active placenta which is why he grew so big and for her next one they would take her in early to be induced as she actually went a week over her due date. She said he was the talk of the hospital though! I'm going to forward that article to her!

    S xx
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