DH made me laugh this morning after poas

i'm 12dpo and got a bfn on SD hpt so i guess i'm out this month.
i left the test on the side and carried on getting ready for work then around 30 minutes later dh shouted to me very excitedley "hey there's a birght pink line..." and i said "yes i know sweetheart - but we need two bright pink lines" bless him you should have seen his face! image


  • pmsl!! thats really funny bless him :lol:

    sorry though you got a BFN pet, but maybe tis bit shy you've had lots of symptoms havnt you?

  • yeah but i reckon i must be just getting a bug. image
  • dont count yourself out yet hon, did you not your own post about HCG levels !!! image

  • i know i know but i just feel that i'd have a bfp by now ..
  • I know hon I'll be honest me too when i got a BFN at 10dpo i thought must be out too & i was, AF is in full flow now & took 4 friggin days to arrive properly from a bit of pink cm to today FFS 4 days!!!

    I didnt have as good symptoms as you though hon. I hope you're wrong, fingers crossed you are ;\)

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