6 dpo and I'm driving myself mad!!

said I'd be all cool and calm this month but I can't get my mind off symptoms and baby making!!! I suppose the intention was there!! How is everyone else?


  • I'm the same. I'm 5dpo and every little ache or pain I have in my stomach I think is a symptom!!
    I felt quite sick this morning and I also had to get up at 1am to go to the toilet - I was desperate, I've never done that and I have been going loads all day. I have been having ache's in my tummy but I think all the symptoms are in my mind lol. I hope they're not though. I just keep thinking to myself that it's never going to happen to me and I haven't been trying for long.
    How are you feeling? x
  • I got up in the night to go to the toilet too and never do that so woke my hubby to tell him, he wasn't best pleased! lol
    every little niggle has got me looking up symptoms like a mad woman!
    I'm fairly ok been getting slight tummy pain and am extremely tired but then my logical head switches on and tells me that the heat is draining me and I've obviously eaten something I shouldn't have!!! I try not to listen to my logical brain too often!! I worry if its all in my mind too lol
  • im 11dpo and already tested which i know i should'nt have so big slap for me
  • Hahaha Katielou - you're just like me. Hopefully we'll get BFP's this month!! Let me know how you get on.
    Lol Magenta - you naughty girl!! Good luck x
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