Hi everyone,

I've been hanging out in planning but h2b and i are hoping to start ttc soon and have heard of people using zestica to help conceive. Just wanted to ask a few prob silly questions about it if poss?
When do you apply it? Immediately before bd'ing? Or i have seen some vaginal applicator ones that say use daily...?:\?
Any info greatly received.


  • Still a bit confused about this so thought i'd bump it up for any advice?
    Thanks a lot
  • i dont use the applicator as i didnt think i could do it. I use the bottle spray thing, but it comes out like a pump action foundation. I just use it before going to bd. So id go to the loo and pee as im so scared i stand up after bding!! Then just use it. Though i do it as i dont often have a lot of cm or even ewcm even when im peak on cbfm so i feel like i need it.

    x x x
  • Thanks HomeFairy, that's really helpful. Hope you get your BFP soon
  • Thought I'd bump this old thread up to see if I could get anymore advice....?

    What's better pre-seed or zestica?
  • I used the applicator zestica last month and got my BFP so it worked for me! I'd tried preseed in the past, again with the applicator, and it's not as runny as zestica. I actually preferred the preseed but the zestica gave me my BFP so I suppose that's the winner! xx
  • Zestica Fertility 20ml spray applicator allows couples up to 50 applications per pack making it great value. Zestica Fertility can be applied to both partners and is best used just prior to intercourse. Zestica Fertility can be re-applied as needed to give just the right amount of lubrication required.

    just googled this for you huni xx
  • We used Zestica the month we got our BFP *fluke or not?* We had the spray one, and used it just before Bding - sprayed it on hubbies *bits* and on my *bits* just before, and off we went image Good luck!
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