CD11 and waiting for ov!

Hi ladies, im on cd11 of 5mth ttc and just waiting for signs of ov!! Im use cheapy ovk so if i want i can test a couple of times a day. Last mth i got what i think were ov pains on my right on cd 12 i think so im kinda hoping ill get the same again this mth then ill know for sure! I should really make a note of symptoms leading up to ov but just never get round to it! lol. Anyone else waiting for ov? xxxx


  • Hi again, well all this month i was using my ov sticks every night, and never got one positive result, i was gutted, but kept bding at every oppertunity, so here's hoping that it was just the sticks that were wrong (cheapo ones, think they are called Acon) and that i did infact ov as i had a few symptoms too.

    Hope it all works out for you very soon!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Aww thank you tiny.t, some people say the you can miss seeing the surge on the ov sticks so its possible that you missed it hun! I will just plod on and hope for the best. Good luck hun xxx
  • Hi debbiemc, I'm on CD 12 today and waiting for ov too. I have previously used ov sticks (and sneakily used one last night but negative) but have never had a positive on them. I've been using the cheapo ones too so I'm putting it down to that!!

    I have fairly regular cycles so I guess that I am oving OK. BD'd last night just in case and have warned DH he must be ready to rock and roll on Fri, Sun and Tues at the least!!

    Good luck and tonnes of babydust!

  • Hi mrs hopeful, i used ov sticks last month for the 1st time but didnt start till cd17 so i missed it as got af cd26! I started on cd9 this time so that i dont miss it! he,he You will have to carry on bd just in case. Good luck and plenty of babydust to you too hun xxxx
  • I am waiting now, although only on CD7. Thought I felt a twinge earlier today but can't be sure. I have a very positive feeling this month.
  • Good luck lulabellarama, it can only be a good thing to be full of pma. xxxx
  • We're all in this together (so to speak!) so hope we all get our BFPs in July. Wouldn't it be great if we could all go into the March pg forum together?? !!!!!!

  • Hi Ladies - my OH has said he doesn't want to know when I'm ov as he prefers sex for its own sake. So, in preparation for lots of BD-ing next week, I have got out all my best lingerie and will be seducing him every night...

    Good luck ladies.... are you all on the July test list? x
  • Hi Flush30, yeah, am on the July test list.

    My DH can see straight through me and knows that if I am oving then I will pounce!! He seems to know my cycle more than I do which is a pain cos he feels the pressure too. It's tough for the men too, isn't it? Just in a different way.

  • I agree! Fortunately my periods are all over the place after not taking the pill, so he has no idea when I think I'm ov....

    And I can sort of see his point when I think objectively (hard to do when I'm so desperately ttc) - he want me to have sex with him because I desire him, with conceiving as the by-product.

    Also, I reckon its more romantic to have conceived in a moment of passion than through a planned pounce - but sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do!
  • It would be great to have that fairytale conception where it was the most wonderful, romantic and sensual moment of sexual connections - my god, I sound like I'm writing some Jilly Cooper novel!! Get over yourself, MrsHopeful!!!

    Although, tbh, as long as I get my BFP I don't think I'd give a flying monkey how it happened! He could be sleeping for all I care!!!

  • Very funny! I'm with you on getting the BFP however you can. Plus, unless you only have sex once in your cycle, how can you ever know which time it was really, that got you up the duff?

    Like you, I'll settle for a BFP even if its from a half-time quickie watching the football. Not that fussed, if I'm brutally honest!
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