Can't sleep :-(

Had to go to the dentist today and I'm in considerable pain image

Can't sleep and can't get comfy downstairs - too tired to concentrate with reading or watching films image

Oh, and I OV'd over the weekend but my boobs are still a bit sore which is a new one for me - what's that all about then????


  • hi im from the pregnancy forum but cant sleep either!!. its doing my head in. im now sitting down stairs with the dog snoring away beside me! hoping to get back to bed soon just had really restless legs.

    hope youre feeling better soon and get your bfp!!

    becs 35+6wks x
  • Thanks becs, both for stopping by and for the good wishes image

    Hoping your last few weeks go quickly and without problem x x
  • think this waking up every night aroung the same time must be getting me used to the sleepness nights.
    all the best xx
  • LOL! Here's hoping for a baby who sleeps 12 hours a night image
  • sorry to hear you couldn't sleep hun. hope the pain eases.


    PS - good morning!
  • Morning mrs_e!! I feel better now, but will probably be knackered and in pain again by 9 image

    How are you?
  • i'm not too bad thank you - woke up and got a bit of what i think is ewcm (on CD14) so maybe i am going to ov wooohooo! not going to get my hopes up though in case negative on ov test later. maybe it was leftover swimmers (booooooo!)

    got to stay positive though, feeling full of PMA today!
  • And you sound it image

    See how things are after midday - apparently leftover swimmers should all be gone by then, so you might find out more image

    I feel a bit sick now - probably the half battenburg I ate at 5 coming back to haunt me! lol!!

    Am wondering about trying to go back to sleep.....
  • have you started symptom spotting now hun?

    i want to go back to sleep too but got to leave for work in 30mins grrr!

  • Symptom spotting, no. Picking up on weird things like sore boobs after OV, yes! lol!

    AF not due for 9 or so days so it's probably just another weird thing going on, like every month this year image

    Right, trying to sleep time. Have a good day xx
  • hope you get some sleep hun and that this is your month! xxxx
  • Hi gypsy. But I had sore boobs about 2dpo, until af arrived last cycle. Never had it before. I came off pill end of March, so didn't expect new af signs! Obviously it's a pg sign too, and you've been ttc a little longer than me. xx
  • Hi mithical!

    I came off the pill last September and have been getting "new symptoms" every month since, just to confuse and annoy me I think! I don't know what is going on anymore, really I don't!
  • Pain in the bum! lol xx
  • hi hope you got some more sleep today. i went back to bed near 7am and slept for an hour and half. feel not too bad, but havent done too much!

  • Hey becs! I went back to bed at 7 too - didn't wake up till nearly 11! I think it did me the world of good image
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