can someone help?

which is the best hpt to use? like i said before only ever done 1 in my life and i know i will get to the shop and have no idea what im looking at! i was going to wait until 3 days after af if she didnt show but probably going to test day shes due because im just impatient! so only got to wait until monday morning but wanted to buy it tomorrow. someone help and tell me what to buy. is tescos a good one? or should i go for a clear blue digital or whatever the other brand name one is called?


  • As far as I know if you are pg then any brand should work!! A lot of people do swear by clearblue or first response tho!! I know it is hard to wait, but the optimum testing time is 4 days after AF due if you can hold out!! If you really want to POAS on AF due day - why don't you try a cheaper one like tesco's. If BFN, wait a few days and thn maybe try a more expensive one if no AF! If possible BFP then get a more expensive one to double check!! I hope it is good for you hun xx
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