not sure whether to get excited or not.... could i actually have some luck for once - had D&C 4 weeks ago today and went to the loo early and i had started bleeding......... i am really really hoping this is AF!!!!!!!!

am so hoping nothing has gone wrong so it would be just randomly bleeding. i guess i'll wait until tomorrow to see if it is proper AF complete with AF pains.

but AF exactly 4 weeks after D&C?? surely i don't have that much luck.

i bled for a week after D&C then slight spotting when i wiped for a week after that, then i'm sure i had ewcm a couple of days after all that stopped (13 days ago). so pleeeeeeeeeeeease let this be AF so i can say i'm on CD1!!!!!!! am determined to get BFP in july!!!!!!!!!!

lots of pma and babydust to all xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Hi Mrs E,
    Im sure it will be af arriving, which must be a relief as you can start ttc again. When I mc, my af came just under 4 weeks.

    Good luck you get your bfp soon
  • Fingers crossed its af. Good luck for july!!!xx
  • Good luck mrs_e! xx
  • i hope it is your AF! good luck!!
  • ohmegosh!!! Fingers well and truly crossed that it is af mrs_e! Think we are well overdue some luck hun, dont you? xxx

  • Hi Mrs E - in case you don't check it, I have left a post for you on Miscarriage Support - in response to one of your threads. I'd love you to read it.
    Joo xxx
  • good luck. hope it is your af. ive been reading your posts and you so deserve some luck. here's to a july
  • Ooooh Yay - hope it is af. Good luck hun.
    Fingers crossed I get lucky too and mine doesn't take too long either. (Am back on the Agnus Castus already - anything to hurry it along! Come on body - sort it out!) xx
  • Well it certainly sounds good, mrs_e! Fingers crossed for you, what a nice surprise (well, "nice" is debatable, but you know what I mean...!) xx
  • thanks for your replies image
    it has got heavier and more bright red now so (dare i say it) it could be AF image
    i never thought i would be so happy to see an AF. i bet she is going to be a horrible one though! oh well, can i send her away for 9 months after this one??

    Joo - i replied to you on my mc post, i'm so glad it has helped you, thank you for letting me know.

    ptb yes it is "nice" - even though part of me thought the ewcm could have been ov, i've been really doubting it and even yesterday did an ov test as thought maybe i would ov soon. am just glad i can start trying to make the perfect little bean very soon! i actually wanted to run round the office and shout "I've got my period woohoo" but then realised i probably shouldn't!!

    bb4 yes we definitely deserve some luck image

    good luck all xxxx
  • Woohoo my lovely!!! What a great news, could u have a word in her ear and send her my way after shes finished!!! xxxx
  • yay good luck hun xxx

  • woomummy i'll do my best. i don't want to see her again for 9 months so i will send her packing in a few days!
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