Shall i chance the wine ladies??

I've had such a poo week. First cycle post mc so not sure when I'm due. I'm on cd31 and have had some very very light lines but mostly bfn's. Literally I've had 3 faint faint lines and about 15 bfn's since Monday (went abit poas mad lol!) I think the lines may still be from mc 5 weeks ago. What you ladies think? I don't intend to get sloshed just fancy a glass or 2 of wine. I got a definite bfn this morning??


  • hi hun,
    I say go for it! if you had a BFN this morning then as far as you know you're not pregnant, it is hard as you don't want to drink just in case but i suppose you can't stop living your life "just in case" If you're only having 1 or 2 glasses then i'm sure it will do no harm. You've had a rough time lately so u deserve to indulge in something you enjoy! When I was on honeymoon, the first week I drunk quite a lot as I didn't know I was pregnant and my MW said that not to worry about it as long as I had stopped when I found out, unfortunately as you know I had a MMC but i'm confident it wasn't to do with the drinking it was just "one of those things" as evreryone keeps saying!! Enjoy your wine!! xxx
  • I second CJG, if you had a BFN this morning then take it that you're not pg, you can't live your life for what if's! Go ahead and have a glass or 2 hun you deserve it! xx
  • Lady, i'll 3rd that a glass of wine or two should be just fine. Even if you have your bfp there won't be any of your blood reaching your l/o yet in any case as it's not far enough along for any placenta to be formed.

    Also just on another note I would say you should not still be seeing bfp's from your mc 5 weeks later. You may be pg again image

    Just FYI I got my bfp 2 months after my mmc in january (at 11 weeks when my hcg went back to zero within a few weeks even at 11w pg) unfortunately I mc again but then I got a bfp on my next cycle but once again mc in May (I have some things going on so don't think this would happen for you but wanted to let you know you can get your bfp straight after you mc) - I seem to have a teflon uterus, I need to get some velcro in there :\) We're working on it :\)

    Good luck - enjoy your wine and I hope you get your sticky bfp. x
  • Well I went for it and poured me a glass image just what I needed! Thanks ladies.

    Hi BOB, I was going to do a fao for you the other day because I noticed you hadn't been around for a while. Teflon uterus... bless ya! Are you having some tests done now hun?

    I was hoping it was a bfp, but the bfn's have far outweighed the faint bfp's so I'm trying not to get too excited. No af yet though so I guess I'm still in for now. Just figured that if I'm getting bfn's then there's no bubba sharing my body yet so a cheeky glass of wine won't hurt!

    Hope your all doing well ladies!
  • Hi Hun, nice to know I was missed! image

    Just was off on my hols for a week. Needed the break tbh. I have decided to now take it easy for a while and am dropping the opk's, and temping for a few months and putting as much time into losing weight as I have been ttc image We're not not ttc but i'm also not monitoring etc.

    I've had a bunch of tests done and they found I have a blood disorder that they thought they could treat with heparin and progesterone, I tried that in my last pg for 2 weeks, injections everyday but to no avail. Just lots of pain and nothing to show.

    Now I am thinking I will wait and see what happens. I'm good or now though - just making the decision not to actively ttc is a weight off my mind. I will be back to it in a few months though - a few pounds lighter :lol: Hopefully that'll jinx it, I'll lose the weight and then hey presto preggers image Will still be on here of course juts be watching you all and updating you on my not ttc status :lol:

    I'll be throwing a few glasses of wine down my neck tonight oo image
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