Have you given up drinking completely?


Just wondered if you are supposed to cut out alcohol completely when TTC? I haven't had a drink since we started trying (only a week lol), but have a night out planned tomorrow, and don't know if I should have even 1 glass of wine or not? Will it affect my chances if I have even 1 drink?

Thanks xxx


  • Hey Stace,

    I guess its up to you really. My Doctor told me to stop drinking so i did... but my hubby still drinks so not really sure, i dont think theres a correct answer to be honest
  • My doc advised me to stop drinking and smoking - which I have done. My hubby doesn't drink either....but he has cut down on smoking...i dont think it will affect your chances if you are having the odd cheeky one, but it will if you are both binge drinking and getting blotto!!! lol - slows down the swimmers and all sorts according to various resources...

    Your choice really at the end of the day - good luck xx
  • I cut down drinking a lot as soon as we hit the planning stage, I've now totally given up.

    TBH, I don't really miss it that much. I'm very much a 'lightweight' and get tipsy on the smallest amount. I figure if it's enough to have an effect on my brain activity it's probably having and effect on my body too.

    I don't plan on drinking at all during pregnancy or breast feeding, so I might as well stop while TTC too.

    But, as miss88 said, it's really your choice, and I don't think there is a right or wrong answer. We would probably all have better health/fertility if we just drank hot water and ate a raw, unprocessed diet and lived stress free lives, yet I'm sat here drinking hot lemon squash, rubbing my belly full of spicy chickpea chilli on toast (I like big breakfasts) while giving myself the duel stress of hanging out on TTC sites while looking for a new job (made redundant last week). I'm sure I could make my life more healthy, but it's drawing lines in the sand, and where you draw them is pretty subjective.
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