CM info

Just thought you ladies might be interested. I decided this month to really check out my cm!!! lol. I noticed that for about a week after af i was almost dry up there but as the days went on cm started to appear, at first it was very watery then it seemed to build up in thickness and by cd16 it was ewcm and loads of it (sorry tmi) so we did the dead last night (fingers crossed) for the last two months i had been just checking what was on the toilet paper when i wiped but this month decided to get right up there, i just hope this has done the trick! xx


  • Ohhhh!!!! Fingers crossed for you! sounds like you have hit it bang on time!
  • God i really hope so, we even bd less so that i could really check my cm!! lol. x
  • Its the quality not the quantity! LOL!!!!
    I can't remember who it was last month who only bded twice but got a BFP so you never know sweetie!xxx
  • This happened to me last time, we only bd twice! Ohhh, you got me all excited now! lol. x
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