any 2wwers?

i'm on 5dpo so in the 2ww (nearly 1ww) anyone else on the same time frame? i haven't spotted many people but i'm sure you must be out there somewhere! its always good to have someone to ss with and to try to keep each other from testing too early!


  • Hiya, im pretty sure im in the 2ww - I think im roughly 3DPO put im not 100% sure - i dont use any OPK sticks and its my first month ttc so still very new to it all! I bought 4 pregnancy tests yesterday lol havent done any yet but i have them for when I hopefully need them lol xx
  • Im testing then too! it seems soooo long away though lol xxx
  • am in the ovulating window this week, althouh depending on which website i look on i may ovulate tmw, a few days ago or the weekend! SO that means that after that I have about 2 weeks to go and would be due on again about the 4th? SO can I join?
    First month ttc second child
  • Well... I thought I was 2DPO today until I took my BBT this morning and it had gone down by 0.3!!! This TTC is such a roller coaster ride and I really don't think I can do it again next month if I don't get my BFP this month!

    This is our 4th month of TTC but 1st month of charting BBT and CM. Problem is, I'm such a perfectionist and wanted my chart to show the perfect example of fertility...

    I was so happy and relieved yesterday morning when my BBT went up by 0.3 and I'd had EW CM for 3 days prior to this (and hubby and I exhausted ourselves BDing 6 days in a row) so assumed I had OV but now this... What's going on? I blamed hubby and really shouted at him cos he'd woken me up at 6:30am (I usually wake and do BBT at 7am) and I couldn't get back to sleep and then took BBT at 7am. I told him it was all his fault and burst into tears!

    So, have I OV'd? What's going on? I need help...

    I hope that all makes sense, my head's a bit mashed tonight...

    L x
  • Lolly - sorry no idea!! I too am confused about when I am/have/ will ovulate this week. Or has it happened? Trying to look at cm (presume that is cervical mucus?) and feel like it has disappeared now that I am looking. Am thinking about getting an ovulation testing kit...any thoughts?
    I too get annoyed with hubby (he wouldn't/couldn't do it over the past 24 hrs or so and I was a bit peeved) which isn't good for the stress at all.
    I too am a perfectionist!!!
  • I was so sure I OV'd on Monday, now I don't know what to think.

    Yes, CM is cervical mucus. I haven't been using OPK's, I think I'm obsessed enough as it is and that they will make me worse...

    L x
  • 4got to ask - I took my BBT three times this morning as I so didn't want to believe that it had gone down.

    1st reading 36.1
    2nd reading 36.5
    3rd reading 36.4

    I think I know what you're going to say (record the 1st one) but I have to ask - what one do I put on my chart? The true one or the one I know will make my chart look better and tell me that I did OV on Monday?

    Oh my god, I'm getting desperate now... image

    L x
  • oh good there are a few of us after all! hello everyone! *waves*
    i'm testing on the 26th and am feeling suprisingly positive this month (unusual for me!) as i feel we got everything right.
    i feel the same as you lolly - each month i think i really hope i'm pregnant coz i can't go through that again! ttc is so emotionally draining! sorry i'm afraid i don't have any advice about BBT with regards to when you oved as i don't chart mine so i don't know what all th temps mean! but i have heard you're supposed to do it 1st thing in the morning so you should prob take that result but with a pinch of salt maybe.
    the ss has begun for me today! had had a twinge of pain in in my left ovary (or thereabouts) on and off all evening. no idea what this could mean given that i've already ovulated but there you go! anyone else want to join me??
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