worried... PLEASE HELP!!

hey, i have been TTC for 6 months and this is the first month of using the clearblue fertility monitor, my cylces are usually 27 or 28 days in length. for the past 8 days my monitor has displayed high fertlity and no peak, i am on day 16 of my cylce. it may sound stupid but just wondering if any1 else had the same experiance using the test???

finally got my first peak day!! on day 18, no wonder i have not been getting pregnant, i thoght i ovulated on day 13!! hopfully get my BFP this month!!!

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  • HI, don't worry, the cbfm never lies!!

    I have a 34 day cycle and all online ov predicters say I should ov at cd 16. Was only using cbfm that I realised i ov at cd 20 and 21.

    It's v usual to get lots of highs on first month until it gets used to cycle and some people have reported no peak on first month. May just be that you ov a lot later than you thought x x
  • thanx hun, maybe ur right, mite explain why we have not had BFP in last 6 months if we have been trying on the wrong days!!
  • I got my cbfm on the 2nd month and best thing I did as if we'd bd'd when I thought I was ov'ing I'd never have got pregnant! x x
  • ok, did my test for today, still high fertility, no peak, at day 17, am beggining to get a lil bit concerd! i used the ovulation test about 4 months ago for two months and thay said both times i ovulated on day 13/14. i had only been off my pill for two months do you think that may have anything to do with it? i no it sounds stupid but i do worry!
  • as MP said chick it is very usual to get a month of highs on your first month

    what it does is tries to get used to your cycles and 'know' you,it could be that its not sure of the level of HSG in you wee and doesnt want to give you a peak too early

    i really wouldnt worry on the first month at all chick xx easier said than done i know x
  • thanx hun, think i will just continue trying everynight and see what happens wen AF is due! good luck to you aslo xx
  • thats what i would do chick,just BD every 2nd day and hopefully she will bugger off lol image
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