Feeling the need to pee but not much when i do go!

Hi all

I keep having the erge to pee but when i go its hardley nothing, maybe i have water infection.
Anyone else had this? Also quite a bit of cm.

Also AF due this weekend (i think had EWCM on sat 28/6 but as i have had only 1 af since mc not sure when due) and i think it will definately come as getting really annoyed with oh over nothing, i always get really irritable with him b4 af

hope you're all well



  • if you can, i would get it checked out as water infections can be nasty. drink lots of water or cranberry juice in the meantime just in case.

    you never know - it isn't over until AF arrives hun! i had increased cm when i got my bfp.
    good luck hun xxx
  • im due 2mz and iv been having quite a lot of cm and i dont usually, and when i feel it i think its af and then go rushing to the loo....i think the girls at work think iv got the runs hehehe!!!

  • id definitly get checked for water infection, as mrs_e says, they can be pretty nasty. I have been peeing loads since coming of the pill...its so weird.....dont know where all this extra pee is coming from LOL.
  • I am peeing for britain at the moment!!! If were like this now, can you imagine what were going to be like when we actually get a BFP!!

  • i know what you mean!! and usually i drink loads of water, but over the last week or so i havent drank a lot really and im still always peeing
  • hiya if i was you i would go to drs and do a sample to check for a urine infection, sounds like it to me although could just be cystitis? i had a urine infection last year and it got so bad i couldnt pee at all and when i did it stung like hell (sorry tmi) i should have got it checked out sooner as when i did go it had gotten to the point i was feeling so sick and had back and groin ache too, i never realized they could be so damn nasty !! good luck xx and as mrs e said cranberry juice is excellent for this sort of thing xx
  • Thanks girls
    Took up Mrs e's advice and drank loads of water last nite and i seem to have had loads of big pees since image So will carry on today.
    I had a water infection back last year and it was so bad was passing blood, so if it dont work its self out today i will go to dcs 2morrow.
    Goodluck on ttc and getting bfps girls and goodluck to melissa hope af dont get you today and you get bfp.
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