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wants to sit and cry !!!!!!!!!!!

sorry moan peeps but feel rotten due on sunday but was convinced im preg this month been doin tests and getting bfn still been seen things into everythin ie throwing up tea one day feeling very very weepy emotional a lot of the time. sore boobs etc
But sitting here going through the forum and feeling very sorry for myself as i have really bad period pains grrrr to my body feel useless

going sit and rock in corner i think and mope ..... image


  • thanx it really naff im sitting here like a rite nut crying lol .... i hope so to thanx for replying keri xxx
  • Might still be too early hun xx If AF not shown by Monday then test xx Good luck and babydust
  • thanx jay xxx
  • just wanna say good luck huni and i hope u get ur bfp xx
  • thanx trying4number4 xx
  • ah chick its a horrible tryind tme this ttc malarky isnt it

    try not to feel to down chick you just never know xx
  • Hey Brammer,

    Sorry you're feeling so low, but try and think positive, your af is not here yet and you have lots of symtoms and as kerry-ann says lots of people don't get their BFP until day af is due - remember it's still a few days early.

    I know it's cack waiting for BFP's while lots of people seem to get them so easily but it WILL happen.

    Fingers crossed this is your month

  • Hi brammer

    Am the same hun am 11dpo today and have had bright orange cm thats now gone a brownish colour.

    AF pains are a classic sign of pregnancy so dont rule yourself out yet!!

    Hope we both get BFP's soon

  • thankyou so much ladies your all fab and the support here is fantastic thankyou so much xxxx still no period yet but horrendous pains tonight so waiting for her to show grrrrrr but it aint over til then xxx
  • Hello hun i am g/c sorry

    I always started testing about 9dpo the month i got my BFP i haddnt tested coz i had such pains i thught there was NOWAY i would get a BFP with this amount of pain......
    Well I did and i am 8wks x
    Good Luck
    It really is not over till the lady in red sings imageimageimage

    gembags x
  • thanx gembags huge congrats to u that fab news xxx
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