AF only 3 days long?????????

Hello there

I was just wondering if this was anything to worry about. I don't really know what my cycle was like before my pill or on for that matter as I took it through and had the mirena before I went on the pill. Could this affect when I ov?

Any advice is welcome, thank you

V xxx


  • When did you come off the pill hun? it might just be you body settling down? im in a similar situation, my af this time has been very short. I came off in Aug so i think its playing around cos i thought my cycles had settled.
    i am gonna see what happens next month before i start to worry. hope it helps to know others are in the same boat x
  • My AF's can last from 3 days to 5 days. Last one was 4 days long. And it stopped on day 3 and started again the next weird! Just keep a track of them for now and see what happens next month. xxx
  • Hi Kaiti and Jellyfishpink

    Thank you for your replies, its nice to see I'm not the only one with on/off periods. Thinking back I think they may have been like this before I was on the pill. It was so long ago though - he he he.

    Like you both said, I think I'm going to just keep track and see what goes happens.

    Thank you

    V xxx
  • Mine are short but intense now since I had my DS in Sept 08. Usually 3-4 days but not been back on any contraception since having him so can't be linked to that for me.
  • mine have been funny too this month. It was 4 days late and has only lasted 3 and a bit days??
    Not that worried about it!
    It might turn up again tomorrow?!!
    image xx
  • Its prob all the thinking about periods we are doing so Mother nature decides to mess with our heads. Its weird tho, since ive been off the pill my periods are def lighter and MUCH less painful.
  • Thanks girls

    I think mine is now over - which is obviously yey but as I said a little odd. Not going to worry too much though. I'm all ready for the practicing before I OV - he heeh
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