bleeding after bding

Hey girls,
not been on here much recently, trying very hard to chill out about ttc and not obsess like i have been for the past few months!
There's something i want to ask though. I've had a bit of spotting a couple of days last week, and then yesterday after bding, there was some bleeding, very little though and pale pink as opposed to red. I figured AF was on her way since i'm now on CD27 (irregular cycles, last month was 34 days, usually much shorter than that though, would usually expect it around now.), but i've had no more bleeding since then. I'm not sure what to think and wondering if i should call the doc?


  • hi hun, not sure i can help, but it may be inplantation bleeding?. it can take the egg between 10-16 days to implant, it sounds like what it is, which may be good news for you!! hope it means your BFP is on its way xxxx
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