anyone else have long periods (af)?

Mine are always at least a week or more long and I am concerned this may mean an underlining problem. I have shortish cycles (26) but already have a son so obviously something was working a few yrs ago.
Just wondering if have any cycle/long period buddies?
Am on day 7 (and still on period!!!! so how do i test for ov?)


  • Hello Justmarried, I have had thia in the past, but mine are usuallly 6 days now. You should chat to your GP if you are concerned. I found the best way to work out when I was ov was to keep a diary of my CM. I know this may seem a bit weird if you are not already doing it, but it really worked for me. Once you notice EWCM (Fertility Friendsite explains all this really well) you are fertile. EWCM stops once you have ov. If you don't mind charting temps, that will confirm ov with a temp shift. Alternatively, if you don't mind the cost you could try ov sticks x 1 per day from day 8 on (they don't work for me but do for many others).

    Hope that helps?

  • I have long AF and short cycle, 25 days, too. It's a pain at times, AF just finishes and ov is upon you. I ovulate on CD12, I'm on CD 10 at the moment. Like BeeB I go by my EWCM when I ov, it usually starts on CD 8 and stops after ov.
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