missy moo!

Hi cha just thought id say hi and how are things? This is our 1st proper month of ttc so fingers crossed .We could end up in the same due in forum again!
luv clare


  • hi clare,
    everything kinda ok, just planning nicole 1st birthday party (its a great dictraction) and loving it.

    us on the same forum would be brill what CD are u? i'm on the dreaded 2 WW but don't think i did it this month as i was very bold and tested on sunday and monday oopps.

  • I understand about testing early i cant help it i testing with two diffrent test a day early and af came on the day it was due!Doh ,not suprised though as we only bd once as oh was ill around ov time!image But im on cd 10 today so getting ready to go again!!tmi!lol
    What do you have planned for nicoles bday? We are going to take harri to chester zoo .Can you believe its been almost a year already!
    luv clare
  • me and hubbie only bd once aswell as he hurt his back typical men :lol:

    for nicoles birthday (its on a thursday) were bringing her to the zoo and on the sat were having a big party at our house in a marquee(?) in the garden with loads of family and friends and tons of food. i have bought lots (& lots) of decorations as am doing up the house (as were cooking a big feed like curry lasange etc etc)as well as the marquee. the theme is pink butterflies (tesco's best) as the have lovely party stuff. we are going complety overboard as we did with her christening but she is our first and i really want too (stomps her feet) . image image :lol:
    And NO i cann't believe its a year already i still remember chatting to ye when i was pregnant and needing advise. image image
    I also posted pics (thanks 2 u) on ur photos in the forum. sorry about that. imageops:

    sending u lots and lots of babydust

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  • Aww it sound fab can we come!!lol. Make sure you take lots of pics so i can have a look .There is no stopping us now we no what we are doing. image x
  • course u can the more the merrier. the boys will love it.
    course i will take lots of pics an defo put them up in fact i can't wait.
    are u on facebook?

  • Ta, any time you want to chat or whatever just email me. image x

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  • u can take it down now

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