Need your magic dust!

Hi everyone,
This is one of my first posts on this site and I'm alread asking for help (sorry)...
Just before our wedding in December last year I had a smear test, the results came back whilst we were on our honeymoon and said that the test had shown some mild cell changes and that I needed a follow up test in 6 months.
At that time me and hubby had agreed to start ttc at the end of this year as ideally we wanted some savings behind us, however hubby has recently been promoted which means we are now (financially) in a position to ttc now - except we can't until I've got the all clear image
Anyway (sorry for the long post) repeat test is this week and I have just started a new pk of contraceptive pills. If my results come back in just under 3 weeks and I get the all clear I could officially be ttc my mid June, if they take longer than 3 weeks I'll have started a new pk of pills so that will be another month image
So ladies this is where I need your help, I know there's nothing any of you can do really (unless any of you work in the lab where they do the tests) lol image but could you all send me your magic dust and hope that the results are back in less than 3 weeks and that I get the all clear - then I can join you all properly!
Thank you so much and good luck to all of you xxx


  • hello,just wanted to welcome you,iam sure everything will turn out fine and you will be on here in no time,hope you get the results in super quick time and sending you lots of good luck & baby dust

  • Thanks Sarah, just needed to share it with people who know how I'm feeling x
    I'll let you know how I get on!
  • yes would like to know how you get on

  • Sending you lots of babydust. Hope they come back before the 3 weeks is up. Good luck!!xxx
  • wishing you all the must have been really hard for you to wait for 6 months to find out all ok..especially as you were planning to try for a baby this year. i will send you all the magic dust i can muster up ( i will try not to confuse it with household dust i promise!)
  • Wishing you all the best for three weeks time and loads of PMA and magic dust coming your way.
  • wishing you all the very best and lots of PMA and magic dust.

    let us know how you get on xx
  • Welcome ShazziG. Really hope that everything works out well for you. Welcome to the mad house of ttc. Sadly i am one of the longest standing residents here but have met some smashing ladies along the way. I agree with summer41 though, i would stop taking the pill now and use something else until you are ready because a lot of people have said that their periods dont come back porperly for a while after stopping. Good luck whatever you decide to do and stay in touch image lots of love, bluebird xxxx
  • Thank you so much ladies for all your baby dust, I feel better already image
    Bluebird and Summer41, I did think about coming off the pill but then I've read lots of things that say for some people that can be when you're most fertile so decided to stay on it until we were ready.
    I have also read that they can follow up smears even if you are pregnant but hubby is very protective and wants to be sure I'm ok before we ttc. It's frustrating but I know he's only looking after me.
    I started taking folic acid a couple of months ago and have bought some pregnacare conception to take as soon as I come off the pill so keep that baby dust coming and fingers crossed I'll be joining you all soon.
    PS I love this site image
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