AF Due Yesterday....When to test?

Hi All....

Have been TTC since December and haven't done a HPT as every month she's got me image Had really bad cramps about 10 days ago....don't feel as thought AF is coming at all as no spots, bloatedness, headaches etc,

How long do you think i should wait to test? Didn't want to do it straight away as would rather have AF that BFN!

Answers please!! x x x:\?


  • I would test now, lol! I was planning to wait til af was due but couldn't and tested 2 days early (got BFP). As I got later in my cycle I figured the later I tested, the more I thought and stressed about it and the more that could make my af late! Does that make sense?

    It's up to you though hun, maybe wait and use FMU tomorrow?

    Good luck whatever u decide

    L x

  • I wouldn't be able to resist testing now.............. fingers crossed. Good Luck:\)
  • Test now!! lol
    You have more self control than me hun.
    Fingers crossed for you hun xxx
  • Still haven't tested....Am waiting until Tuesday... My trick is that I don't keep HPT's in the house!! x
  • You are so strong willed................. good luck for Tuesday x
  • After my experience this month i would wait a few days at least! Good luck hun
  • im due on today and am really tempted to test as have no signs of af coming im always moody week before and have spotting and pains but nothing keeping fingers crossed
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