:\?hi every1, i ve only posted on here a couple of times but i normally look in every day. was hoping u guys mite have sum insight in2 wots goin on with me.i came off the pill end of march this year,had withdrawel bleed about week later then 28 days later on 7th may had 1st proper af which lasted bout 5 days.its been 6 weeks now n no af.did have crampy pains 2 weeks ago that lasted bout 4 days then they went away again.been feeling quesy on n off but nothing the last 2 weeks i ve done bout 8 hpts but all have been was wondering how long after conception would u have 2 wait 4 a BFP 2 appear if pg.i was away from 14th-29th may(working away without OH) so we didnt bd till i got home on 29thmay n made up 4 lost time for a few days(sorry TMI)so if i did get pg it was prob few days b4 af was due,but thing is was my af due on time as it would only b 2nd proper af since coming off as u can tell im understably in limboland,cant think of anything else,doin my head in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anybody in same boat out there? just in case ive confused u all,its been 6 wks since last af,wud b so grateful if ne1 has any advice plz? michx:\?


  • Hi mushie37, firstly welcome to the site!

    I came of the pill at the end of March as well, I have been so lucky that my cycles were regular straight away. Your body could just be getting used to things without the pill still, sorting itself out.

    The 29th May would have been CD 23 in your cycle, you would have to have been ov'ing around that time to have got pg this month. So here is where the guess work comes in, and hope I can explain it well enough!!

    If your cycle is longer this time, because your body is still sorting itself out... your luteal phase (after ov, before af starts) will alway be the same give or take a day. I would guess as your 1st cycle was 28 days (as long as you counted CD 1 from first red blood), then your LP is about 14 days.

    So unless you know if you have already ov'd, it is difficult to predict when af is due. Could your crampy pains have been ov? If so yours could be just around the corner? Some ladies prefer to take a hpt once a week to just check. But unfortunately some wait quite a while for an elusive af.

    I hth, and things right themselves quickly for you. xx
  • thx mythical.feel really yuk 2day bit quesy,did ahpt half hour ago but BFN again, its starting 2 get me down now,just wish i knew were i stood its cd46 now but just had a look @ posts n there seems 2 b quite a few of us on here that r having a long wait,i guess i can speak 4 us all that it is so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how often is every1 who is late testing as im getting very obsessed n purse is gettin lighter by the day lol gona seriously have 2 limit myself 2 testing once a week lol so hard tho!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:
  • Try to remember to test with full morning urine (fmu), as any hormone will be stronger then. xx
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