Hurrah for me - I did ov after all - day 1 today!!!

As you may recall - I have PCOS and have not ov'd naturally - until now!

Well 14 days ago - to the very day - I had ewcm and thought maybe I had ov's - but didn't do anything about it like jump my OH - as I thought maybe it was in my head - as I have only had 2 afs since march 2007!

So my cycle was 74 days this time - a much better improvement! I'm not sure what I have done different! Just eating a bit healthier and stuff!

Well first thing this morning there she was right on time!!!! So it just proves my body can behave when she wants to!

Also with my private appt - being tomorrow - I will be on day 2 therefore if he decides to give me anything I am in perfect timing to take it!!!

It's all coming together!!! :\)


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  • Awww, bless, well done you (or in the words of legally blonde "clicks for MummyWannaBe!")

    Good luck for tomorrow and let us know how you get on!


  • Yay that's fab news, long may it continue (not the cycle, the natural ov'ing lol). Good luck tomorrow and let us know how you get on! xx
  • brill!!! Yippee! Good luck!
  • Thanks girls - I'm feeling quite good about it all!!!

    Don't worry I'll let you all know as soon as I get home - who else would I!!!

    I've adopted Derrek Trotters saying - only instead of "this time next year I'll be a millionaire!" I keep chanting - this time next year I'm gonna be a mummy (or at least preggers!!!)"

  • yay thats brill honey!!!! thats excellent ur def gonna be a mummy this time nxt yr!!!
  • That's such great news! Yey! I think I have PCOS too so v reassuring to hear that ov isn't impossible.

    Have you been doing low GI or anything? Do you take any supplements?
  • ahh thats really good, bet you are carry alot of extra pma around in your bag today xxx
  • Really good news, good luck for your appointment!!xx
  • Good news. Best of luck for tomorrow xx
  • Yay! M. Really pleased to hear your news today, hope the witch has calmed down now and not giving you so much pain. They can do a day 2 blood test tomorrow image I am on day 103 - oh good!!!!!
    Good luck tomorrow, no doubt i will hear how it went and i am looking forward to it image (after i have had my reflexology of course) xxxx
  • Thanks Girls! I'm a bit nervous - but will let you know how it all goes later!

    Chocolates and tissues at the ready!!!

  • Yay thats fab news, good luck for tomorrow hope all goes well and they get you sorted.
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