F.A.O Immense

Hello,how you feeling now sweetie? xximage


  • Still rough I'm afraid - thanks for asking though xx I know it is not good but I have had to resort to co-codamol as I could hardly walk!! I am sat here doubled up with a hot water bottle! I am off work tomorrow though so hopefully I can rest and get rid of it!
  • why whats the matter?
  • oh my god,thats not sounding like fun,i hope toy feel better soon.It's a shame you got to wait till next week for doc's,bet you just wanting it to arrive now hehe xx
  • Aaah bless you - you must have missed my post - she arrived yesterday hence why I am so rough!! The doctors is cancelled image
  • oh i sorry chic i missed that one-oh gutted for you. sob,got my fingers crossed for next time-obviously when u are able to stand and move xx
  • That would help lol xx I have got AC and EPO to take and also OPK to test so going to go for it as much as poss!!
  • hehe poor OH wont know whats hit him hehe,if he is like my OH he'l be thinkin it's birthday and xmas all at once lol xxx
  • are you on facebook? xx
  • Yeah I am - tara barrett no network - black and white modelling type photo!! let me know it's you when you send request!!

    OH will love it!! lol xx
  • I think i may have found you on facebook-do you have long hair and a dragon type thing on the top you are wearing xx
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