FAO Angel100 & MrsTil

Hi Girls!

How are you both? Where you up to in your cycles? How's SMEP going Angel - you got a positive opk yet?

I'm on CD14 today, temps are not up to much, but got some twinges so BD yesterday and prop will today as well lol!

I'm just sat here thinking of getting a load of cheapy ebay OV sticks - what do you reckon? there's no way I could afford good ones as I have no idea how long it will be til I OV, but thought cheapie ones plus BBT might be good?

Other than that I've had a cool weekend, just chilled out and relaxing. Steak & homemade chips last night, mulled wine & christmas cards, and made some ice cream too - yum!

How about you??


PS: L+N, I didn't put you on the title cos not sure you come in here anymore, but if you see this, hello!! Message me on facebook with an update on you & bean xx


  • hi hun, ive not seen mrstil on for a few days but been quite busy so not been on much. it was lo's birthday today so been busy with a wee party today.

    im only on cd5 coz af took ages to appear. so waiting to get started.

    i dont buy opk's every month just every 2nd month. this month i treated myself to first response ones. they were ??19.99 but buy 1 get one free in boots, there are 5 in each box and i free preg test as well.

    hope your gettubg ready to ov. i think im due to ov around xmas time so hoping we be nice and relaxed coz we on hol.xxx
  • Hiya sweety, I'm good thanks!

    I'm on CD11 at the moment but as always have no clue when ovulation is going to happen so we will be baby dancing at least every two days from now! He loves this time of the month haha!

    Ive not been on here much either been quite busy, we put our christmas tree up today and all the decorations and it's just lovely! I love the way the house looks when it's all done up, Last night we sat and watched a movie with only the christmas lights on it was just lovely! So cosy!

    The mr and i have decided that i'm not going to worry about ovulation or anything like that this month we are just going to enjoy christmas time and have bd when and how we want. Drink what we want (lots of baileys for me pls) and eat what we want, ive been a saint all year it's time for a big blowout!!! lol!

    With regards to opk, the cheapies seems to do the job but it can get so tedious having to do it every morning one month i did it 20 morning in a row, it was so annoying and i had to make sure i hadn't been to the toilet through the night etc, it was all so blah! I think if you have regular periods and only need to do it for 7 days it's fine but if your cursed like me then it can stress you out even more, it certainly did me! lol!

    You weekend sounds lovely! Your too angel, hope your lo had a lovely birthday!

    What have you girls got planned for christmas day then? xxxxxx
  • Hi Girls

    Glad to hear you're both well! Let's have fingers crossed for a chilled out festive period with lots of BDing and then some new year's BFPs!!

  • thanks hun, we had a lovely but busy weekend.

    are you both looking forward to xmas.?

    we have our decs up too i love this time of year everything looks so cosy.

    good for you mrstil, enjoy xmas. we are following smep this month but have to say last month and this month i am very relaxed. i was surprised how chilled i was when af arrived last month, maybe xmas is helping to keep me busy.xxx
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