15dpo- when to test? update!

Im 15dpo (cd28) and i haven't tested yet as im scared of bfn. Im not really sure when to test as i came off the pill in Aug and have had a 27, 30, 33, 26 day cycles but i have only used an opk this cycle so i dont know when (or if) ive ovulated in the previous cycles. cd1 was 19th Dec , have had af type pains on and off since 6dpo and ive had some pain in my (.)(.) in the last few days but other than that nothing so really i just need advice if anyone has any please- when should i test?

Update- 17dpo just tested with fr and fmu and a bfn! :cry: gutted altho I didn't really think we had done it this month I kinda thought maybe? will wait a few days and if still no af I will test again, can't believe I got my hopes up. was also wondering what is the latest anyone has had a bfp?

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  • well they say that a BFP can show up from 14dpo - but can be as late as 19dpo. I suppose you could test anytime now!
    Good luc k - hope you get your bfp.
  • Thanx snugglenush- will prob wait til mon, if af hasnt arrived i will test- im getting my hopes up-aaagh
  • aww hun, fingers crossed for you.xxxx
  • what are your cycle lengths? x
    i always say aslong as shes late then its a good time to test x
  • I was bfn 12,13,14dpo. vv faint bfp 15dpo, more convincing 16dpo. waiting til monday will def be fairly likely to give you your answer if you can wait that long!!
  • Gemgems not sure i can but im going to try as i hate seeing bfns haha. Grudie ive had a 27, 30, 33 and a 26 since coming off the pill. Prob too early at cd28 to get my hopes up but its hard not to isn't it
  • yeah chick for best most accurate result i would wait until cd 30..easier said than done i know x
  • Thanx girlies, my dh is looking v smug right now as he said wait til Sunday or Monday- he thinks he's an expert now bless him xxx
  • Fingers crossed for you hun xx
  • I got my BFP at 11DPO so it can go either way in terms of how early you can test.

    Most luteal phases (time between ovulation and af) are 14 days - although this can vary - so I reckon you'd be okay testing soon!

    Good luck xx
  • I had a bfn at 14 dpo, I didnt test again til 20 dpo and got my bfp. Because I didnt test in between im not sure how soon it would have shown up but it was a very definite bfn the first time. Not even a hint of a line.
  • Fingers crossed you've got a shy bean hun xxx
  • Hi hun,

    Fingers crossed its a shy one, I think the latest can be up to 23/24dpo but I googled this last month and some people didnt get their BFP until 35dpo!!!

    Shocking I know!! Good luck hun xx
  • omg- 35dpo! still, it gives me hope, really hope it's a shy bean and if not that my af comes asap so we can get going on smep! Thanks for the support girlies, think I would go mad without you all xxx
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