cd 17!! think i'm in for a long one again!!! :(

I have had no sign of ov over last few days so think its going to be another long cycle!!!

we're bding every couple of days any way!!! lol!!

it really sucks!!!! all i want is a normal cycle!!!



  • what was your last cycle chick?
  • 76 long ass days!!!

  • oh feck thats pants,what were your cycles before?

    no wonder your pissed off chick
  • i had the coil in before so didn't really have one but had spotting fairly reg!!

    it is a complete ball ache!!

  • ah hopefully your cycles will even them selfs out,when i used my cbfm i used to ov cd 19-22 depending on my cycle lengths which were mostly 31-45......bit i have very random cycles and i never know when shes due
  • it really is pants!!!

    id love to be regular!!!
  • me too my longets cycle has been 45 days shortest although im a bit curious of it was 18 days!!! but apart from that the other shortest is 29 days so i have a wait from cd29-45 for my AF's

    bloody anoying i always used to be regular until 2008,i always thought it would be easy ttc again after having our ds so wrong was I
  • i had the same thought although our lo is 5!!!!

    oh well what will be will be!!! lol

  • I wish i was regular too, would be so much easier and probably would of had a BFP by now.

  • Long cycles suck. I'm on CD80 and still no signs, my last (first of pill) was about 4 months!! Just started seeing a homeopath so I'm hopeful about that. Hope this ones shorter for you Mrs JC x
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