Happy New Year

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to say Happy New Year to all. Congrats to everyone who got their BFP in 2009 and for the other lovely ladies who are still TTC fingers crossed 2010 is our year!!!!!

I will speak to you all in the new year!!! Have a lovely time tonight with whatever you are doing (OH and i are been boring and stopping in watching tv, never had a new year alone!!!)

Sticky baby dust to all the people TTC in 2010.

You are a FANTASTIC bunch of ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!

tink image xxxxxx


  • Happy new year to you Tink. I'd also like to echo what Tink said about you being a great bunch of ladies, who are very supportive.
    Here's to 2010 being our year! xx
  • Happy New Year! Tink, you make an excellent point that everyone on this site is lovely, and all so good at supporting each other! Speak to you all on 2010. It'll be our year girls! x x
  • Happy New Year Tink and to all the other wonderful ladies out there who have always been soo supportive!!

    May 2010 be the year we all get out sticky beans...cheerio to the Noughties and welcome to the Teenies image Happy New Year everyone!!!!

    Hope you all have an amazing evening!! We are also staying in.. have prepared loads of party food, and am allowing myself only 1 or 2 glasses of champagne and orange juice!!
  • Happy New Year to you all, you are a wonderful support netwok, thank you my virtual friends its been lovely chatting to you and look forward to a wonderful, BFP filled 2010.

  • Happy New Year to you all, you are a wonderful support netwok, thank you my virtual friends its been lovely chatting to you and look forward to a wonderful, BFP filled 2010.

  • I agree with Tink ..after being alone and trying for so long it has been great finding the support I need on here. 2010 will be our year!
  • Happy New Year ladies!! It has been wonderful chatting to you all and hearing of all the BFP's along the way, here's to 2010 and LOADS more babies and bumps xx
  • Happy New Year Ladies!

    Hope there are BFP's all round 2010 so we continue to support each other through pregnancy and baby image xx
  • Happy New Year!!!
    I'm feeling a bit 'bah humbug' now as my new next door neighbour has been round and told me shes leaving her 16 year old daughter to have her first party tonight!!!!
    I was hoping for a quiet evening with some films and Grace asleep but I think there's going to be a LOT of noise!
    Oh well I am planning to sleep tomorrow afternoon as I have a night shift tomorow night and have now told my new neighbour this so hopefully they'll be considerate then.
    Anyhow now I've got that off my chest-thankyou for all the support this year.
    I'm sure that 2010 will be the year that we all get our BFPs.
  • Hey girls, HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Great post btw tink!) We're nearly there, am looking forward to a nice quiet night in with hubby and some very non-gi food! Sausage and mash with gravy! lol!

    Sending (((hugs))) to everyone, you're the most fantastic, funny, PMA boosting girls ever and don't think I'd be sane without you!

    2010 WILL be our year, toast to babydust and stickyglue! lol! xxx
  • Hey girlies!
    All the very best luck, love and baby dust for all those TTC in 2010!
    Hubby is poorly so a very dull night in for me with the TV, dogs and blossom hill!! lmao!

    Good luck and lots of love, H x
  • Happy New Year everyone!!
    Let's have BFPs all round in 2010!!

    2010 has just GOT to be better than 2009. Or I'm demanding a refund! :evil: :lol:

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  • Happy new year everyone!!

    Thank you to all you lovely ladies who have helped and supported myself and everyone else throughout the past year, you're a lovely bunch!

    I will hopefully be spending more time in pregnancy next year (if things go well - fingers crossed) and I really hope I see you all there.

    Kat xx
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR LADIES!! (that was my yelling voice hehe... well 2009 is over for me its 01/01/2010 at 11am here
  • happy new year girls. since its that time off year i am sure we are allowed to get a little soppy.lol. i really dont know how i would have got through the last few months without you all. i hope to see us all in a "due in forum" in .xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    helen i hope the party wasnt to roudy. we were in bed for 12.15.lol.xxxx
  • Happy New Year everyone, hopefully we won't all be in TTC for too long, and next year we'll be saying happy new year in Pregnancy/Baby!

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