Is there still hope?

Tested this afternoon with a FR at 12dpo and got a bfn. Totally and utterly gutted, now on month 7 but cycle 3 since coming off the pill. Could it turn into a bfp if I test in a few days? Or is it a waste of a test? Feel so frustrated and sad. Sorry to be negative but it's so hard :roll:


  • You're not out till AF shows up hun!!! You could have a shy bean, so if AF doesn't arrive then definitely test again in a few days, ideally use FMU too as the hormone levels are stronger then. Good luck!!!.x.
  • Hi pet, it could still be a BFP, some women take up until 19DPO to get a BFP on a test. Hope you have got a shy little kitten in there! xx
  • When are you due AF? I wouldn't give up all hope yet. Keep up the PMA. Still hope yet.
    Good luck x
  • Thanks for speedy replies xx I'm on CD 96 image but GP thinks I ov-ed 12 days ago so I guess I'm due on CD 14 in 2 days time??? It's all so confusing! :\?
  • Always hope sweetpea! Keep AF away with lots of bd'ing and babydust!
  • OK, still no AF today and now 14dpo. Today I have EWCM- does that mean I didn't actually ov 14 days ago and I'm ov-ing now?? So confused! :\?:\?:\?
  • Do an ov test tonight and see?? If thats negative, do a FR pg test tomorrow morning and lets hope its a BFP!!!!! xx
  • Good idea, I have one stick left from ages ago I think so will use that tonight. I had a blood test to check if I ovulated 2 weeks ago (the test itself was a week after ov) but can't get the results til Monday.

    Ugh I do want to take another pg test but it's so crushingly disappointing to get a bfn! Maybe I'll wait til next weekend and see what happens.

    Thanks for all messages, it's so good to be able to talk to ppl about this. Hubby doesn't understand how it all works although I have explained the basics! :lol:
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