cervical position

Ok so i've read all about the position of your cervix before af and in early pregnancy and i know they say it can't be used as a reliable indicator but i just wondered..

I am due af any day from today till maybe tuesday/wednesday. My cervix feels high and soft, don't think it's ever felt this soft before.

Does anyone check cervical position? When should it get low and firm before af?

My oh is out and i'm really trying hard not to ring him and ask him to stop and get a test, i don't want to be disappointed!


  • Sorry Poppy I don't know, but i didn't want to r&r. I don't think i've ever felt my cervix and so i'm not much help really, but I know how frustrating it is not getting any responses. I would hold off testing for a couple of days if it was me, but only cos i hate seeing a bfn more than getting my af
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