an omen hopefully :D

well ive been pretty miserable the past few days...i know no shock there lol and im still going to find it hard,ref my post in LTTTC,which i no some of you wouldnt have read but nothing can change that

hubby and i have managed to BD th past 2 morning,not easy with a near 3 yr old that sees 6am as mornig time lol and ive just been to the toilet and i have ewcm,i also didnt have a clue where i was in my cycle as ive kinda just given up wth it all so fingers crossed it was all meant to be and il have my bean and baby for 2011....even though i started out wanting a 2009 baby how scary lol!!


  • Yeah for ewcm!

    Sounds positive! I really really really really hope it's your turn!

    and you haven't been miserable at all, you're allowed a moan and a winge(and you're certainly not a horrible person!)xx
  • good luck image

    I hope u caught ur egg :P . But keep BDing for the next few days. I had ewcm the past few days but my opk and temp still didnt confirm that i ovulated.
  • ah bless you McG,good job i can still look you in the face after some of the thing weve talked about on here lol

    Riham i am going to if we can,when i used my cbfm before it showed i got ewcm most times 2 days before i ov'd x
  • well, that because I have a nice face....!!

    I have a feeling most of my posts are going to begin with: TMI....

    Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you!xx
  • Oooh, sounds good hon, agree with McG that I hope its your turn this month! xx
  • I so hope you hit lucky Grudes XXXX
  • Fingers crossed for you! xxx
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