I feel like crap today!!! Grrrrrr

I dunno if I've got yet another cold (thank you stupid M.E) or hayfever (although pollen count is low) but I feel so rough. Major snuffly nose which goes from either bunged up to running like a tap, I have tummy ache, and an intermittent headache and earlier on just before I went to get dd1 out of her high chair I thought I was gonna pass out. Thank goodness hubby was there, he's taken over baby duty for me which is nice as she is still a bit off after her bout of tonsilitus and is teething so grumpy grumpy!!

On the plus side I haven't had the energy to worry about wanting to poas today!!


  • Really??

    Well I got a +Opk on 4th June so I guess I should wait till 17th/18th?
  • ohhh lambchop this might sound crazy but i think they could be good signs.... a lot of people feel run down in the first couple of week of pregnancy! headaches are a good sign!! fingers crossed!
    thats lovely of your hubby to let you have some rest!

    when are you due to test?

  • yeh really..... i was about 5 weeks preggy with my DD over new of 09 and i was ill with flu symptoms!! i could hardly move from the sofa!
    very different to how i am now..... but i am still gettin BFN's even thought AF is awol!

    not long to go then til you can test! i can never hold out till i should!! i think some tests can pick up hcg 12dpo though!!

  • Feels like AGES still to go!! Originally I was gonna test tomorrow but I think that'll be way too early??

    I'm rubbish at working out dpo, and testing dates!!

    Come to think of it I remember being unwell with my dd, coz I remember being bunged up & cursing coz I couldn't use my sudafed nasel spray!! Lol
  • hi, if you had + opk on 4th then you possibly ov on 5th meaning ur about 7dpo. I got my bfp at 9dpo with non fmu at 2 in the morning - working nights! Good luck with it, sounds promising x
  • I didn't know I was pg with dd till I was 4 weeks gone so I don't really know how early I can try testing. I'm guessing I should stick with my 17/18th poas date. God that's almost a week away still, this is the longest 2 weeks ever!!!
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