When to use????

Afternoon Ladies

Just a quick question....OH ordered some pre-seed the other day and we have never used it before, tyring to find information on the best time to use it but coming up with a blank on that....anyone know when we should use it? xxxx

Lou xxxxx


  • when u get ur + opk i beelive, so the day u get ir + use preseed and bd that day, the day after, and day after, all with preseed image good luck with it, and let me no what its like? i want some! x
  • I think its like mrs*me* says, the day of your +ve OPK.

    I've been looking at this too, if we don't get our BFP this month i'll be getting some to try. Please keep us updated on whether its worth getting some.

    Good Luck

  • Thank you ladies I will do definitely...think I am going to use it from the 13th to the 18th as that is my most fertile days according to the web....not going to use OV sticks this month so wont know exactly when my + will be....xxxxx
  • ok good plan! have u not got any opks left? i think u would be best sing them? rather than use a tonne of preseed lol x
  • I have only got 1 left hun so may use that on the 16th which is suppose to be when I ovulate just to be sure xxxx
  • babe i can send you some of mine if u want? i have 60! lmao x
  • 60!!!! OMG what are you like lol....are you sure you dont want them? xxxx
  • lmfao. well it was ??4 for 10, or ??10 for 60 so thought may as well get lots! lol, i can send ya like 20 if ya want? message me ur address on fb so u have them in time for ov xxxx
  • How much do you want for them hun? xxxx
  • awww sweet pic. dont want nuffin for em pet. dont mind sharing a few image x
  • Are you sure hun??? Dont want you to go short....even if you have got 60 lol xxxxx
  • na its fine, honest. hoping i get my bfp soon anyways! lol. but my aunt i think has a few to give me aswell, just messaged me yest, so i have a few spare, and if u spent out on pre-seed u wanna make sure u use it at the right time image could be crucial image
  • O.k sweetie pie thank you image I will FB you my address xxxx
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