Ssshhhh - I'm in hiding .............

(whispers quietly) AF was due today and has not arrived so I am officially in hiding! The past few days I could have sworn AF was on it's way due to bloatedness, cramps etc. Did a test yesterday anyway (BFN), but now I have absolutely no symptoms! I did feel nauseous again last night - but now nothing!! This is really odd and I get really painful AF usually!!

I actually feel really well?! How confusing are our bodies!

Those of you that have her - would you mind keeping her away from me :lol:


  • You and be both honey can I join you?? I was also due on yesterday but no sign of AF as yet??

    K xxx
  • **whispers hello**

    good luck hun image

    i've told her not to come back now for a long time, maybe she will go on her holidays and not visit us for 9 months image

    now get in the cupboard to hide from her!

    lots of pma xxxxxxx
  • Ill keep look out....! ;\)
  • Thanks guy - k-lou - you are definitely joining me!! How do you feel at the mo?

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  • Good luck immense and K!
  • She's with me at the moment.....I'll keep her distracted!


  • Thanks lisa marie!
  • I don't mind having her if you wanna direct her to Lincolnshire.
  • I am ok not feeling great today though just wish I would get a BFP or AF one or the other you know.

    K xx
  • I know what you mean k-lou - you just want to knwo one way or the other. Are you going to test again if nothing? If you go by the four day rule they recommend - that would be tuesday! I am thinking of re-testing wedneaday if nothing xx
  • Yeah hubby keeps telling me he thinks I am preg and it's upsetting me a little as I really don;t want him to get upset.

    I will test tuesday morning I think if nothing yeah. I feel really sick now and have little shooting pains in my lower back ;-( I think am going to go to bed for a little while.

    K xx
  • Go and have a good rest! Fingers crossed for you hun xx At least hubby is interested in it all tho! I have to be carefuly what I say so OH doesn't feel any pressure!! lol xx
  • oooh immense, fingers crossed, I was exactly the same of you. I was so sure it was AF. K-lou too. It would be nice for some familiar "faces" on the pg forum! When are you both testing again?
  • she came to me this am. i'll keep her in a head lock for as long as possible.
    good luck!
  • Thanks dg!! Although I am sorry she found you xx Good luck for next month

    Socks - I am going to re-test wednesday if no AF to give the HCG as much chance to show as poss xx
  • Hope she doesn't show immense, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Caroline xxx
  • thanks caroline - and for k-lou 2!!
  • **IWAP wispering**
    hi i found you. hi k-lou. so i promise to leave if she does show up. never had spotting before and have been off pill for a year now. anyway you to are a few days ahead of me. fingers crossed she wont find us"
  • I have EVERYTHING crossed - lol xx It could be implantation? I am casting magic ''keep away'' spells at the mo! xx
  • When is she due?
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