calling all newbis

is there anyone out there that is new at all this and are in there first month of trying at the same stage as me it would be really nice to go thught it with some one that is at the same stage hug and baby dust to everyone x


  • hi, we have been offically trying now for about 2 months, although we stopped using protection in nov, we test about every other day, but so far bfn!! how about you?

    chloe x
  • i stopped the pill about 3months ago but have offically started trying this month i should of oved yesterday so we are bd every night its just got to happen lol x
  • will this be your first? it will be my 4th, we are bd every night too!! great isnt it although OH is worn out bless him x
  • yep it is and am really scared my DH thinks its grate all this BD lol
  • cool! yea Oh thought so to lol x i'm gving him the night off tonight bless, this is the longest we have had to try for! what are you scared of? silly question really i am a bit excited scared too, like what if i have forgotten evrything lol its been 9 years for us, our eldest is 15 x
  • sorry for being noise but what mayed u want more. i think i am worryed about things going wrong with me or the baby silly realy i know lol x
  • Hi this is our first month of trying for baby #4 . i was supposed to ovulate today but i had some spotting earlier so am confuddled image
  • well i guess i am maternal x oh was only child always wished he'd had a sibling, i came from a family of 6 children, i always wanted 4, just did, had a rough time with no3 and thought we would wait a bit, time just feels right now, i just know that if i didnt i would regret it when it was too late, and i am older now, i feel it is going to be a completly diffrent experience i was a teenager when i had my first, xx
    its natural to feel some apprehension, you will be fine chick x
  • i was supposed to oved yesterday but had nothing but have had all the simptoms my mum said to me today is your pirioed dew as i was grumpy and very hot and chaty so we are bd every night just incases lol .
  • well good for you will keep finger crossed for u chloe123and hope you get BFP soon hoping i will to lol x
  • we will xx we will all have bfp soon x babydust by the lorry load xx
  • hi this is our first month of ttc no2. i am still on my withdrawal bleed so hoping it will stop soon so we can get started. we are just going to see what happens this month and then if it doesnt this month i can count my dates and be a little more presise next month. good luck to everyone.xx
  • good luck hope you get your BFP soon x
  • Hiya, we're also in our first month of trying too, came off the pill last month but I'd been on it for 12 years without a break so think it might take some time for my body to get back to normal! I'm 30 now though image so hope I don't have to wait too long to become a mummy!!!

    Caroline xxx
  • Hiya..

    It's our first month too - my husband really thinks it will happen this month - he keeps saying he can't see any reason why it won't!!!! Bless him - positive thinking is good!

  • Hi everyone,this is the end of our first month trying for No3. Technically I should have come on yesterday but as I only stopped the pill at the end of May I've no idea when I'm actually due on! But obviously I'm already imagining symptoms lol! xx
  • hey, I came of the pill in May after finishing the pack and we have been using condoms up to now..just to figure out when my first 'real period' would be...and i expect they will be all over the place after reading experiences on here..but i think we are going to go for it and see what happens
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