I'm sure I'm imagining things but...

my toothpaste tasted really metalic this morning!!!

Was reading up on all early pregnancy symptoms yesterday and was pretending to myself all yesterday evening that every twinge was the egg nesting, but I am POSITIVE that my toothpaste tasted really metalic this morning.

Wishful thinking?! image :lol:


  • ooh sounds good. I've never had that metalic taste myself but i have heard it's quite common!

    Good luck and when can you test? :\)
  • exciting! how many dpo are you?

    i've just had my bfp and not had a metallic taste - funny how much symptons differ woman to woman

  • When pg with Ruby I HATED the taste of my toothpaste, it made me gag everytime! Good luck x
  • I'm either 7 days DPO or 2DPO (mixed signals with my BBT and CM) do you think 2 days would be too early?

    I'm being serious, I'm sitting here and all I can taste is a metallic thing. It's a bit like the after taste of TCP if you've ever gargled that?!
  • I think if you are 7dpo then its a possibility, but 2dpo i'd be very surprised image

  • it does sound like a good sign.
  • Oh how exciting ! Sounds like a good sign !! : )
  • It could all be in my imagination and just wishful thinking, we'll find out in a week I suppose!!

    This is only our first month of TTC so I'm finding all the BD, SS and waiting for AF quite exciting! Not sure what I'll be like after 3 months though lol
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