Pain in left side?

Hi Girlies,

This is a bit weird, but the past couple of days I have had a really nasty pain in my left side, where the ovary should be. It really hurts when I get up from a sitting position or need to turn over in bed, and sometime when I breathe in too.

Having initially panicked about appendicitus (sp?) before realising it was the wrong side (!) I've now done some googling and a lot of what I'm experiencing crops up in pregnancy sites, especially for women who are fairly early on.

Has anyone else had this/heard of this?

It's really painful (feels like I have pulled a muscle but stabbing feeling too) and I haven't been doing any exercise really.

I'm due on next weekend (on DH's birthday :rollimage but ovulate late (am day 22 today of 27/28 day cycle). I'm wondering if we could have finally done it after 21 months - or am I getting my hopes up? I don't want to POAS as too early and I'd be gutted seeing yet another BFN.

On the other hand, pain would be definitely worth it if I can give DH such great news on his birthday!!

Sorry for long post but any advice much appreciated.

Moggs x :\)


  • Did'nt want to r&r. Can't offer much advice but I am on CD 22 and have had a pain like you describe for the past few days. Not sure what it is.
    Sorry im not much help! Good luck & baby dust x
  • Hi ShellK,

    Well, at least I'm not alone! Hope your pain gets better soon. Babydust to you too x
  • Hey girls, I had this pain too a few days ago, Im on cd23 now. Dont want to get anyone too excited ( including myself!! lol) but I had a similar pain the cycle I got pregnant, so could either be ov or implantation image
  • O good luck to both of you!!xxx
  • Oooh Fran - that is exciting! Am keeping fingers and toes crossed.

    Went to docs this evening and had to be poked and prodded a lot (oh the joy) and he reckons either a bowel infection (so I have tablets) OR an ectopic pregnancy. Can't bear the thought of that. Have to go to A&E if pain gets worse, so have never been so hopeful for a bowel infection in my life.

    Really hoping that it's a symptom like yours Fran!

  • I hope you are ok Moggs.
    My pain has gone now.


  • Hi, i had this pain whilst pregnant,turns out i have a cyst on my left ovary! Its quite painful and hurts more when i sit down/drive, feels better when i lie down! They thought mine was ectopic too but obviously wasnt! hope everything okayxx
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