weight watchers

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has anyone tried this? i started last thursday in a bid to loose weight! im hoping if i loose the few extra pounds it might help us concieve! iv even got the OH on it too lol



  • God thats great! how long did it take to loose it all first time?

    my friend has been going for three weeks and shes lost 12.5 pound already! i hope i do that well lol

    i have found it pretty easy do far! im allowed 20 points per day but iv not even been having that!

  • Hi, I lost three stone on ww a few years ago. If you're determined and stick to it then it's very good. I joined again in Jan as I'd stopped and put a little back on but have just cancelled my membership last week due to bun in oven syndrome image
  • I must admit out of all the diets I have tried I much prefer WW. I found the fact you can eat anything you want if you stick to your points really helped. I got the WW cakes and things to treat myself so I still got the sugar boost that I craved. I didn't go to the meetings and bought the stuff from eBay and followed it myself. I found I lost 1-2lbs a week. I too was on 20 points xx



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