BFP!!! Can't believe it!

OMG after 5 months of trying have finally got my BFP! Still hasn't sunk in yet....

Have only done one test - one of those cheapy Access Diagnostics one but the second line came up straight away! Do you think I should do some more tests / different brands to be sure? If I'm honest apart from killer boobs (sooooo sore) I'm not really feeling any different?


  • congratulations!!! sounds like its a defo bfp!!
  • That's great. If you need the reasurrance then test again. Congrats, have a happy and healthy pg! xx
  • Thanks everyone... I guess I need to get it confirmed at the doctor's now? Never really thought about what you have to do once you get pregnant!
  • Congratulations. Wishing you a happy & healthy pregnancy xx
  • Congratulations!!!xxx
  • congratulations!!!! so happy for you image hope everything goes well xx
  • Thanks everyone, and thanks Katie.... looking forward to seeing you in the pregnancy forum too... I just know your BFP will come soon xx
  • image did you use any tips from the zita west book? i read it over the last week and am now determined!!
  • A few... we already had a good diet but oh cut back on alcohol, hot baths and started taking a vitamin supplement... apart from that I cut back a bit on caffeine and tried not to think about it too much!! My oh read most of the book too which I think really helped us too....

    How are you doing?
  • i'm doing ok thanks handbag - feeling very positive about the future and we are determined we will get our perfect little bean soon!! DH is cutting back on alcohol too (he hardly drinks anyway though) and i'm not going to touch a drop. also going to try and eat a bit more healthily and ensure we both stick to our vitamins. going to re-read the book again and make notes (how sad!!!)

    so excited for you image xxx
  • a HUGE congratulations babe!!!!! enjoy your pg!!!
    hugs xxx
  • Lots of congratulations for you both - to a happy and heathly 9 months xx
  • Massive congrats handbag!! I'm on month 5 this time round so hope it's lucky for me too!!!
  • Congratulations.
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