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Hi girls bit of advice wanted please! I have really irregular periods being tested for pcos my last was af was 16th jan! We last bd on 15th of feb, I have no idea when i ov, I did a fr test last mon which was a bfn, I now hAve very sore (.)(.) and pain below my right rib cage and also seem to be goin to the loo more. I did a fr test this morning with fmu and got a very faint line do u think this cud be right?

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  • It could be hun x The only way your gonna tell for sure is by going to the doctors. Really hope it is tho hun xx
  • Hey

    Thanks for the reply, im sat at work and its driving me mad. I had some blood test on tuesday at the doctors for pcos, get the results today, but if i am preg it wud prob be to early to show on them. Think im going to go buy a superdrug test at lunch. and then test again on sunday. x
  • Hmmm very confussing Lindz.... I would say ask your doctor for another blood test just in case... I had the PCOS blood test on monday and she didnt check for pregnancy, thats a whole different test.. I would ask for another blood test to be 100% sure.

    But sounds promising

    karina xx
  • well i have just done a superdrug test and it was bfn. arent superdrug more sensitve than fr? I surpose i will wait till sunday and try again and if not go to the doctors on Monday. ah its so hard to keep not testing i have done 2 in 3 hours how am i going to last till sunday lol x
  • Hi Lindz
    Theoretically FR is a little more sensitive than SD, claims it can pick up preg 6 days before AF while SD is 4 days before. But neither are 100% accurate before missed AF, so best to retest in a few days.
    I tested with both and FR gave a darker line, if that helps.
  • Hey queenie

    thanks for letting me know, im just going to stay positive, untill sunday and will test again with FR. I dont really know when af is ment to come so can never tell when its late. x
  • The superdrug one might not be picking anything up because you haven't used FMU...try again either in morning or sunday and see what happens. Good luck hon xxxx
  • Thanks for the advice girls, i will try take a pic of my fr test and post it up tonight x x
  • Well I have been very naughty and did another sd test and got another faint line image can't wait to fmu tomo to test again x
  • well girls hubby talked me into doing a cbd and i got a BFP! so excited still dont believe it x
  • massive congrats - here's to a H&H pregnancy
  • Congratulations! xx
  • WOW congratulations :\) what a lovely surprise. may the next 9 months be happy and healthy x
  • Aww congrats was gonna say (until i saw your updates!) i done Boots 4 days early test screwed up on BFP that disapeared!! so did FR & got definate positive so if SD are 4 days early probably similar to the boots, prob just not quite enough to trigger.

    Congratulations again!

  • Yay! Huge congrats hun that's great news!
  • Big congratulations hon, thats fantastic! xx
  • congratulations to you!! h&h 9 mths! x
  • Congratulations sweetie! xxx
  • Congratulations!!!
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