Oopsie (CBFM advice)

Well i am now on CD25 and i got my peaks on CD17 & 18, a high on CD19 and then back to lows so from CD20 i haven't even turned my CBFM on.

I think i got a bit disappointed because i had got my peaks and then my high and i didn't want to see the lows anymore lol so i put it in the cupboard and forgot all about it!

Do you think it matters that i haven't turned it on or POAS?

I hope not but i thought i would ask, i cant really find anything in the book!!!


Tink xx


  • No - I don't think it does matter. I try to keep mine switched off between 2nd peak until about 10dpo, then test when the 'm' flashes (about 11dpo) x
  • thanks for the reply beccaroo. i figured this way i am saving on sticks too!!!

  • You would have been better off turning it on and putting in an old stick. That way it saves on sticks and the CBFM is still getting a reading, which it needs to work out your cycle length, etc. for next month. Of course, we hope you won't be needing it then xx
  • I don't think it matters - you get 2 peaks, 1 high and then lows regardless of the actual reading.

    I have used a CBD OPK and my CBFM at the same time and the OPK gives me my peak a day before the CBFM (as CBFM relies on FMU and I use OPK in the afternoon), and on the day of my CBFM peak, but never the day afterwards.

    I've also had my peak on the last day I've been asked to use a stick before, and got a peak then a high without even testing.

    The meter records your cycle days without being turned on. When I was pregnant, it had been happily totting up the days without me turning it on so when I came to use it again after miscarriage it said I was on CD80something.

    I put mine away after it goes back to low because I think having a routine of switching it on every day when you don't have to is really unhelpful if you're trying not to obsess.

    Anyway, as lawso says, you won't need to think about it in future as this month will be your bfpimage

    Becky x
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