1WW anyone?

I'm driving myself mad! I'm 11 DPO today and wasn't SS'ing at all until last Wed (6DPO) when I had to leave work early cos my eyes went all funny and I couldn't see properly. I thought it was the start of a migraine but the headache never came.

Since then I've been pretty dizzy pretty much all the time- a bit like I've had a couple of glasses of wine!
My boobs have been sore since 10DPO.
I woke up with cramps this morning.

**TMI ALERT**image

This morning I woke up with cramps and when I went for a wee my CM was a pale pink colour. Then a few hours later when I went for a wee there was loads of clear, watery CM. Then later afternoon my CM had a slight pale brown tinge.

Plus since last week I've just felt 'odd'.

Anyone else on their 1WW? Have you got any symptoms? xx


  • Hi Mrs Robertson,
    Im 8dpo today. No real symptoms other than the usual swollen and tender (.)(.) which is normal for me at this time in my cycle and watery cm with a brown tinge (again this is normal for me). My PMA has gone completely today image.
    When are you testing?
  • im 10 dpo and don't really have any symptoms- had some dizzyness last week and ive had some pains in my (.)(.) but im not sure if im thinking too much about them. My best friend (the only one who knows we are ttc) said her horoscope said to expect a pregnancy announcement very soon- could that count lol x
  • Hahaha Kaiti I reckon I would have that as my number one symptom! That's too much of a coincidence! Lizzybuffe keep up that PMA, it's not over til AF shows up and most pregnancy symptoms are the same as AF symptoms pet!
    Think I'm going to hold out until 14-15DPO so probs Thurs / Friday.
    When are you both testing? xx
  • Im gonna test Sat/Sun, don't usually test until af is late (which would be mon) but ive been really good not having any alcohol since NY eve and we have 2 christenings to go to Valentines day so if im not pg that's gonna be really difficult to get thru but if i get a bfp it will be the best valentine pressie for my hubby- 1st one married x
  • aw Kaiti B how lovely to go to 2 christenings!!! i hope you have a BFP and you can imagine yours, or just imagine your LO!!!

    x x x
  • Mrs Robertson,
    Im going to test on my b'day if AF hasnt arrived before then. AF is due Sun/Mon but want to wait until im at least a few days late before testing!!!! Thats if I can hold out that long!!!
  • Hi

    I think I am 6 DPO. So, nearlly in 1WW : ) I have had mild AF cramps for the past couple of days, and slight pain in my boobs, went a bit dizzy a few times, a bit like a headrush, and thats about it !

    As its first month off pill- I don't know if these symptoms are pg or just normal, guess I wont find out for a week or 2 yet ! This wait is torture ! lol !

    May test on Sunday - that will be 11 DPO, if its BFN then i'll wait another week and see if AF comes xxx
  • 11dpo and no new symptoms, school's been crap too so my pma is thru the floor booooo. Still hoping for a bfp Sat x
  • Well I think I may be out. Had a bit more spotting today & stronger cramps. Still not full flow AF though. My temp dropped this morning too. Good luck ladies! x
  • Mrs R still no full flow= still hope x
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