TMI i have question! sorry i did warn u!

Hi ladies
Very sorry to ask a very personal and weird question but i need to know and its not sort of thing you can just drop in over a cuppa with your mates!!! when you and dearest OH make love - do you get leakage afterwards? just wondering if this is why we're not very successful on the ttc front?
sorry tmi!


  • Hi FF I think most of the ladies on here put a pillow under their bum for a while after and hold their legs up in the air to stop leakage. You will get some whenever you stand up again but by this time it should just be seamen as the sperm should be away on the hunt for the egg ;\)

    As for the TMI we are all used to it and that what we are here for.

    Good luck TTC
  • hahaha i asked my mum this the other day! i was worried that i was the only one that had leakidge so thought it wouyld be hard to conceive, she found it so funny! i didnt really no how to put it into words on BE! lol how embarassing, at least my mum was entertained! lol xxx
  • oh yes chick the part about sex they dont tell you about at school lol

    weve had many a hlarious thread on this subject,all perfectly normal xx
  • it should just be seamen as the sperm should be away on the hunt for the egg ;\)

    lol so glad to read this! I'm always worried nothing got through cause it seems everything leaks image
  • You think this is an embarrasing question you should read some of the EWCM ones. They always make me laugh but they are all questions we all want to know the answers too so no need to feel shy.

    I want to bump up a post for you to read. Its about CM. If I can find it I will bump it up. You will see how we all have a laugh about things image
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