can anyone explain this?

cxyhi girls, this may go on a bit, but need some help. normally have a 23 day or 18 day cycle but this month im up to day 25, had ++++++pmt symptoms about a week ago, so angry and crying etc, vvvv sore boobs, lots of abdo cramping for about 5 days now. according to ov sticks i was due to ovulate about the 18th of april, did test yest bfn, any ideas? dont feel like im pregnant at aLL XXX


  • Hi Cosmic girl

    Have you recently come off the pill?

    jen xx
  • about 2 years ago, only been tring for baby for 2 months xx
  • I think sometimes when you are watching your body sooo closely you see things that you didnt see before. I know when i first started ttc i couldnt have told you how often my af came (i knew roughly but not down to the day) as for cm and aches and pains you seem to notice every single thing that your body does now. Sorry havent been any help.

    jen xx
  • thanx jen, you are probably right in what you are saying, its a strange feeling, as ive said numerous times to myself, you spend years not wanting to get pregnant, and now its the opposite way, and you do notice every little niggle and pain xxxx
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