Game over...who's with me for August?!?

Hi ladies

Well I tested again this morning and still nothing, due AF tomorrow and pretty sure she is on her way so time to move forward to next month! We get married next month so who knows maybe a wedding night baby!

Congrats to all those that got their BFP's this month, for those like me that didn't who wants to join me in a keep-each-other-sane-augustathon! image


  • I think ill be joining you hun, i also got a huge BFN this morning!!
    A wedding night baby sounds like a great plan, good luck with the wedding and the BFP. xxx
  • I am so with you - CD5/6 for me (I am losing track in a bid to remain calm this month!) How exciting that you are getting married? How on earth will you manage thinking about babies and weddings - the month or two before our wedding, I was a complete nervous wreck! Super exciting if you could bake a wedding night baby though, good luck! x
  • Thanks ladies it definitely would be exciting! Not sure how I am not a nervous wreck tbh especially with just over 2 weeks to go! Just realised there is an august ttc thread that I hadn't seen, might jump on there rather than starting a keep us sane one! x
  • I'm with you hunni, got AF this morning so count me in for August. Oooh, a wedding night baby would be so special :\) xx
  • im due to test in august this is 7mnths of trying now we went a very close friends wedding and had pains all wk end so hoping that it was ov pains and we give my friend a wedding baby lol..... gd luck for us all in august my birthday at end wud be greatest birthday pressie to myself xx
  • I'm testing at the end of August - on our 4th wedding anniversary - so it would be cool to finally get a bfp then .... GL with your honeymoon baby!

  • Im with you ,on cd2 today af due 22nd .Fingers and toes crossed she keeps away!!!!
    Good luck to all image

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  • I'am with you hun CD5 for me AF due on the 29th...good luck to us all xxxx
  • Yey lots of August-athoners!!! I am going away on business for a few days so may go a little quite but back wednesday night! Good luck til then x
  • Hey ladies, Can i join please? I tested today 11dpo and got my bfn. & i know my af is on its way!! Aug wil be month 9 for me?

    Lets hope August will be our month??!!!xxx
  • Hey ladies - a quick hello from Paris (how international does that make me sound image I am really not) I was due AF today but so far no signs, really frustrated as know she is on her way and just want her to get here now so I can move on to next month!! Grrrr! Hope you are all ok!
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