Can we get everyone's PMA one 1 thread?

Hi ladies

This might be a bit daft, but I've been feeling distinctly lacking in PMA the last few days and I sat down and had a really good think about what having a baby means to me. I remembered why I'm doing this and soon I actually felt much better and excited about TTC again. SO......I wondered, if we all posted our PMA thoughts on one thread, any time any of us are feeling a bit down we can have a look and cheer ourselves up. I hope you dont think it's a rubbish idea, anyways here goes.....

When I think of tiny hands and feet it makes me smile
When I get that BFP being able to pat my tummy and know I have a tiny bean in there
Picturing all the fab things we can do as a family, walks in the woods, finger painting!
A year off work :lol:
No more period pains image

happy baby making

PS I meant to say, cute pics welcome too - only I dont know how to post em!! lol


  • if you need help posting a pic chick il help you xx

    having had Lennon already i cant wait for the very first of everything..first kick but mainly the first time i see my baby straight after birth that i can honestly say is AMAZING

    no preiods is a total bonus but my first ever period after having him was a total utter mare so id rtaher have them then whole 9 months lol
  • Oh my goodness! Your post just made me well up! I think it's excellent idea. You have done most of the list for me.

    I would like to add to it:

    The first kick - that will be amazing
    The first time they say Mummy/Daddy
    When they smile when they see you

    I just can't wait!

  • I totally agree laurajohnson23, it made me well up too, but I'm totally soppy like that!!! image

    I just cant wait to see the look on OH's face when we get that BFP, & the 1st kick & the look on the girls faces @ work when I tell them, & the 1st time the LO grips your finger with their tiny little hand

    I'm just so excited!!! x x
  • good post hun.

    when i can tell my lo she is getting the baby she keeps asking for
    the feeling of flutters & kicks in my tummy ( i mis that so much)
    pushing my pram (i love walking with a pram)
    time of work
    and def no more periods for a while

    oh and those tiny baby clothes hanging on the
  • Ah, what a lovely post!!

    Telling my husband he is going to be a Daddy, and telling our Mums and Dads they are going to be grandparents!

    Having a big baby belly

    Buying teeny tiny baby clothes

    Being a family

    And definitely a year off work!! :lol:
  • This is brilliant!! I'm loving what a soppy bunch we are! This is my PMA for this month -

    I keep picturing my hubby picking the baby up and holding it high, then bringing it down for a big kiss and it giggling and gurgling away happily (odd image, I know!)

    Seeing that BFP then showing it to hubby and watching his face light up.

    Going for a scan and seeing the bean that we have created.

    Fingers crossed for lots of BFPs this month!! x x
  • aww ladies I'm so glad you like the post, I'm welling up just reading your responses so you're not alone laura! Another thing I thought of that makes me smile is that really hearty chuckle babies have, guaranteed to make anyone nearby laugh too.

    Keep em comig
  • Ooh good one hun! Ok here goes!

    No periods
    Time off work
    Big belly - without having to go on a diet
    Look on hubbys face when I get bfp
    First scan
    Walking the pup with the pram
    Telling my parents they will be grandparents
    Making our spare room into a nursery

    Welling up now, but they're happy pma tears - god Im ridiculous! lol! xxx
  • can i add hopefully having a girl lol x
  • Oh wow what a great post............first time I see my bubs scan, holding our baby for the first time, first smile, laugh, when they grab your fingers, first steps.

    Telling everyone, buying cute little outfits, buying a pram, decorating the nursery!!!

    OMG can't wait so wanna be a mummy! am emotional just typing all this he he


    Edited to add second that Grudie so want a lil girl but as its our first I will just be happy for a healthy and happy bean xx image

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  • OMG...tears tears tears....this is such a lovely post!!!!

    Loving Haynes Manual - Baby Edition idea...can you get those??? image xx
  • Hello!
    As we are only in our 2nd month my PMA is still going strong!! I hope I can keep it going! The things that keep me happy are

    I can't wait to tell my OH we have done it!
    Puttin aside lots of QT to BD with the OH which is a real treat
    Telling my OH mum who has been knitting since we got married!
    The first scan
    Feeling the first movement
    No work!!!!

  • I have days were i think its not ment to be and today was one of them untill i read this post image

    Ur such lovely ladys xx

    Thought we could use some:

    And a giggle :lol:

    PMA all the way xxxxx gems xxxx

    I am hoping this month is 17th month lucky and 3rd bean lucky so thought i would add so sticky babydust and this pic made me :lol:

    gems x
  • This post is so amazing guys

    can't wait to tell my DH, my mum and my sis(not keen on telling MIL but not thinking about that now)
    can't wait to hold my baby, even so curious about labour that I am keen to experience it
    buying that stroller I posted about the other day
    and sticking out my tummy LOL

    gems: I love the baby cement one, it made me LOL

  • Gembags, I'm really glad this post cheered you up. I'm keeing everything crossed for you that this is your month.


    PS - lovin the pics by the way!
  • I love this post, its so lovely, and its making me cry!!

    The things i think about when i think of a baby are:

    making us a 'family' (i always think of how a child drawing pictures of their family and their perception of their safe, happy family)

    holding my tummy knowing im carrying a tiny baby and i need to keep them safe

    folding tiny little baby clothes

    Thats all i can think of right now.

  • Oh wow this is a lovely thread :\)

    I want to second what everybody has already said

    and add

    looking over the cot and watching my baby sleep, i could do that for hours.
    making my oh a daddy and seeing him hold his baby for the first time.
    Wrapping the baby up in a bath towel with ears, so cute!
    Hearing those cute noises they make when they drink.
    Hearing my baby chuckle, that baby advert (is it cow & gate?) where it says does it look like i have an upset tummy? and the babies are chuckling, that's my favourite ever advert and never fails to make me smile.

    The tiny clothes on the washing line, that's a good one. I used to look at the baby clothes on my neighbours line and be so jealous..

    Until she grew up to be a spoilt little brat... :lol:
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