**UPDATE: Been to the Docs: Very very painful ovulation

Well, i've been to the doctors today and she doesn't think there is anything to worry about for now and if I am not pregnant this time next year, to go back.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this is because she said that I will definitely ovualte on day 15 if I have a 29 day cycle. She said that it wouldn't ever change. Is that right? I thought that you can ovulate late or early regardless of how many days your period is? (obvioulsy not too early or too late).

Maybe the best thing to do is get some ovulation sticks - i'm just as confused as i was yesterday, if not more.


p.s. being tested for diabetes tomorrow too because of excessive thirst and going to the loo a lot!

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  • Hi Laura I was exactly the same as you and it turned out that I had ovarian cysts. If I were you I would go and have a chat to your GP. Cysts are relly nothing to worry about and are easily removable. You can even get pregnant while you have them as I did with my first daughter. I didnt realise I had them til I went for my 6 week check after having her.

    Maz x
  • hi hun, i get really painful ov although the pain usually goes as soon as i have ovulated, its a very heavy bruised feeling. i was also wandering about talking to my doc about it but going to wait till after xmas.xxx
  • Hi Maz - thanks for replying! You have made me feel so much better. I will go and see the doc ASAP. Hope you don't mind me asking but how long did it take you to get pregnant?
  • hi angel100 - maybe we shouldn't wait. If we get it sorted sooner, we might get our BFP sooner!
  • Well I was only 15 when I got pregant so wasn't really trying...a split condom got me my daughter. I do feel for you though as I know how painful it can be when you have them. You just feel so tender xx
  • It's very uncomfortable when I ovulate too- it usually goes away as soon as I have finished ovulating. I already have 2 children so I am guessing it hasn't effected my fertility in the past but who know's what's changed since. I never really worried about it before- perhaps I should go and see my gp as well.

  • thanks Maz. I'll check it out. This forum is great for reassurance and help!
  • might well be worth a wee visit just to get checked out.xx
  • ME *put's hands up* :lol:

    Hay, I have very painful OV and it had me in tears last month. This month was sore but not as bad as last mnths
    Good Luck at the doc's xxxx
    gems xx
  • sorry but your doctor is talking a load of tosh, as most gps not many know about womens cycles, i got told to count backwards 14 days from when AF was due and thats when i would ovulate, apart from the fact my cycles where very irregular between 37 and 66 days and you could never estimate i actually OVed 12 days before af was due according to my temps and the CBFM

    cycles can vary, the only part of your cycle that stays the same is your luteal phase (time between AF and OV) which is the same every month but varies from woman to woman and is usually between 10-17 days long. the first part of you cycle can vary

    the best way to find out what your luteal phase is, is to temp for a cycle

    hope that helps x
  • hi piggypops - so the time between ovulating and getting your AF is the luteal phase? Does that mean that you ovulate on the same day every month? Sorry, i'm getting confused!!
  • yeah your doc is talking rubbish sorry i ov normally around CD16/17/18OR 19 image image

    So i dont ov same day but i do no my LP phase has always been 14 days!!!

    i would recomend OV sticks babe then u can pin point ov and i think lp phases are between 12 -16 days but dont copunt me on that am still learning LOL

  • if your cycles are always the same length say 27 days and you luteal phase is 14 days then you would ovulate on CD13,CD14 is 1DPO, However if you have a month where your cycles is 30 days then you woulnt OV until CD16 as the luteal phase would stay the same at 14 days

    hope this explains it a bit better x
  • I'm so sorry girls! How can you ovulate on different days and your LP stays the same? I think I am missing something. My cycle is 29 days and "they" say I should ovulate on day 15. I'm really sorry if this is frustrating you ! I'm getting annoying with myself!
  • ok so if you ALWAYS have 29 day cycles you will ovulate on the same day every cycle. i am not sure how they have worked out that you OV on CD15, have they done bloods to confirm this?

    it may be that you do OV on CD 15, that would give you a luteal phase of 14 days, however as not everyones phase is 14 days it may be a little earlier or a little later,
    ovulation pain can occur before during and after so that really cant indicate exaxctly when you OV, Have you tried OV sticks?
  • Hay i have a 29 day cycle and i used OPK last month and this......
    Last month i OV cd18 and this month i OV on cd15
    Dont know if that helps..... Gems xxx
  • No, no bloods. The doc just said I will ovulate on day 15. I think I will use ovulation sticks! Used them last month but ran out before I ovulated and didn't bother getting anymore as I thought I was stressing myself out too much.

    Thanks so much for your help.
  • with 29 day cycles it probably best to start with the sticks from CD12 X

  • Hi,

    I have an average 29 day cycle (30 days last month) and I ovulated on my 16th day (30 day cycle minus 14 day luletal phase = day 16).

    This cycle I started to use ov sticks from yesterday and I am geting a faint 2nd line, so know ovulation is imminent. Fertility Friend has my predicted ov date as Friday, so will be (hopefully) bd-ing tonight, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (although Fri and Sat may not be possible as my mum's coming over to stay - argghhh!!)

    Good luck!
  • I have another question, sorry. If your luteal phase stays the same, how come you can ovulate at different days? Isn't the LP calcluated from the day after you ovulate to the day before your period? Does that make sense or am I being really stupid?
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