What a lovely Valentine's present...


Yay! Hubby and I are really happy and keep having to look at the test again!

I have been trying for a few months but have had very long and irregular cycles so actually only had another hormone blood test this week to check out what was going on with my body!

This cycle I have pulled all the stops out... taken Agnus Castus and Evening Primrose Oil up until Ov, used opks and got my first ever positives on them, informally followed SMEP (sex every 2 days and a bit more around ov, wore my poor hubby out bless him!) hips elevated for 20 mins after sex, and did BBT every day religiously. I also stopped caffeine and cut right back on alcohol, as did hubby.

The only symptoms Ive had are slightly sensitive/sore nips and a few tummy cramps but nothing else!

Its still very early days so if you don't mind I will def still stay here for a few weeks (I'm mostly a lurker on here anyway .......*blushes shyly*!!)

Lots of lovely Valentine's baby dust for you all,

Spanglepants x


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