Charting Temperature....

Okay so I am a bit naive and been wondering about this since my little maybe/maybe not CM issue the other day....

How do you go about charting temperature.?????

Do you have to buy a specific thermometer... I have a normal in the ear one - will that do?

Mrs J x


  • The best thermometer is a farenheit one with temps to 2 decimal places (e.g. 93.82) as it shows the changes easier; sometimes BBT alters by .0? of a degree! And oral is the most sensitive one to use rather than in the ear.

    But if you don't want to buy another one then I'm sure what you have is fine. :\)

    Take your temp at the same time every morning, as soon as you wake up. Don't get out of bed or have a drink or anything, so have the thermometer on the bedside table, wake up and use it straight away...then write the number down. If you're anything like me you'll forget it instantly with still being half asleep! :lol:

    I already have a lo so found charting was useless for me as if he woke me up earlier than normal my temp was messed up for that day. Plus dh gets up at different times each day so I was awake at different times with him as well. So I gave up!! But good look with it hon xx
  • Hi Mrs J

    I have slightly irregular cycles (anywhere from 29 - 42 days) so I tend to use cheapy OPKs from Amazon to predict OV and I also temp as that shows me retrospectively when I definitely did OV. I reckon it saves me a fortune in HPTs as I have told myself not to test until I have at least 15 days of high temps - it's never happened yet though :cry:

    You can pick up a BBT thermometer for around ??4 on Amazon. I've been charting for a few months now, I'll put a link to my charts on so you can have a little look,

    I found fertility friend to be really helpful - you get a free trial of the VIP parts of it and they're quite cheap afterwards too. You also get links to presentations on charting and TTC - I feel like I'm an expert now! :lol:

    Hope this has been helpful. xx
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